Be a solar hero

Producing your own power out of a super clean energy means thriving your business, opening possibilities for your company or community. Invest in your grows and share the new energy with others.


Smart Power

It’s smart.

Being a clean energy producer is easy. After a simple and clear agreement, we will take care of the rest. You’ll have a strong workhorse on your side providing you with sustainable energy. We work hard to ensure that your experience as an independent power producer will be as easy as possible.

Safe Power

It’s reliable.

To make the sun work for you, it’s the best technology on the market. We work only with outstanding and excellent brands that currently developed and produced with the best equipment available. Our technology is there to serve you — not just for the moment but also for years into the future.


Green Power

It’s sustainable.

You want to have your own solar power plant to serve your company or your community at its best? We work with you on that not only to deliver you an excellent product but also to help you to get it fairly and safely financed and the equipment works great for you every day. We are on your side to tackle all challenges together in the best way.

Joint Power

It’s valuable.

Our core objective is a joint venture between the most reliable technology in the world with the most reliable customer service network helping you archive your goals. We work also with Ghanaian and German Engineers to build and maintain your plants for a very productive synergy, starting something new out of the German spirit towards long lasting beneficial technology and the Ghanaian spirit towards strong cooperative business.


Do you want to know more?

Kwasi Twum Addo

Sustainable cooperation and short ways. That’s what we stand for. Call. Mail. Make an appointment. We have good coffee! And many ideas working with you.